Monday, 17 August 2009

Research Ethics

Recently, I was chatting with one of my acquaintance about research and degree in research and realized the importance of knowing research ethics before pondering into the deep sea of hard work. Learning from the researchers whom I met in last three years, I prefab word to the wise about the research ethics. Here, I am not considering medical science research ethics, as my research work doesn't involve human subject use (HSU).

First and foremost, Originality is always paramount in scientific research, avoid plagiarism by proper citing of the other works [ Proper understanding of plagarism is required]

Avoid Research misconduct by avoiding the intentional fabrication of data/results.

Evidence Support by keeping and maintaining the experiments log files and proper recording of experiment settings and assumptions.

Proper validation of experiments by repeating the experiments in same settings.

The following links are further suggested for researchers to read.

Enjoy reading smiley and feel free to update with other useful information.

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